Is it safe to say that video content is the future of content marketing?

Is it safe to say that video content is the future of content marketing?

Video content is popular and the research says so too. It is hailed to be one of the best marketing tools, easy to access and can cater to a wide range of audiences. It also generates good ROI if executed well. Mark Zuckerberg has also addressed this saying that the future of social media platforms lies in video. It is true since there is a huge chunk of the audience for such videos. If you are planning to make video content for your brand and that too within a budget, use Vyond Coupon Codes.

Why are people fascinated with the video?

It seems like our brains love images. Videos, on the other hand, are convenient and cater to our visual thirst. This is also the main reason for the surge in video popularity. According to a report received in 2018 by Zenith Online Video Forecast, video consumption will have an estimated growth of 9 minutes each day till 2020.

What are the video drive values?

If videos are executed well, it can simultaneously be used for retaining data and driving forces. According to Oberlo, people tend to spend more time (about 88%) on a site if they have video content. The current user preference has continued to encourage brands to push video content.

Do they strengthen brand recall?

According to Campaign Monitor, people tend to remember 95% of the content or messages a video has to provide as opposed to written content. No wonder, videos are being hailed as the fastest growing marketing tool. So, if a brand has to be memorable, then producing videos should fall under their list of priorities.

Can it encourage engagement?

Content has the power to influence its audience and video, if done right, can have a similar influence. This could potentially enhance the brand message by being interactive and emotionally relevant. Videos have the potential to build audience trust in brands, especially if the video has that personal touch in them. So, to compete in this fast-paced digital world, videos can potentially strengthen your marketing campaign.

What about video and SEO?

CMS connected reported that video content increases audience conversion by about 80%. This is instrumental in increasing SEO ranking as well. 65% of the audience tends to visit a brand website after watching their videos. It is also estimated that a website having video content is likely to rank higher on google search engine. The reason behind this is that we tend to interact more with visual information as opposed to texts.

So, if you are planning to future-proof your marketing strategy, use Vyond Coupon Codes for video content creation.

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