Safety Features to Look For Before Purchasing a Baby Stroller

Safety Features to Look For Before Purchasing a Baby Stroller

Whether you need to run down to the supermarket or pay a visit to the dentist’s clinic and you
can’t leave your baby alone at home, a stroller or a pram comes in real handy. Your little one
needs a carriage to either lie-down or sit, while you do your chores. The strollers now come
equipped with seats that can be fully reclined and are perfectly suitable for babies in their
tender stage. With a plethora of strollers flooding the market, it is only natural to feel
overwhelmed while deciding which pram would be safer and more comfortable for your baby’s
ride. Hence, it gets crucially imperative for parents to the following safety features in mind
while purchasing a baby stroller:
Stroller Brakes
Any stroller that you wish to purchase should able a good braking system which should not only
be effective enough to lock the wheels but at the same time should also be convenient to
operate. The stroller braking system should be placed in such a manner that it’s easily
accessible by the parents but is not possible for your child to accidentally lock or unlock the
brakes. In pursuance of improving the stability during movement, it is always advised to opt for
a wider base.
Safety Harnesses
The restraint system of a stroller, known as the safety harnesses are crucially imperative to
prevent your baby from slipping out. Always look for a sturdy yet comfortable safety belt
accompanied by a crotch strap. The buckles for a stroller must be strong and easy for you to
operate while the seat belt should fit cozily around your little one. In pursuance of keeping your
baby safe inside the pram, durable straps that are securely anchored is of utmost importance.
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In pursuance of protecting your little one from inclement weather, a durable canopy’s
importance cannot be ignored. From simple fabric to tough canvas, you can get to choose from
a wide range of canopy material for a stroller. Either creating a “peek-a-boo” window on the
top of the stroller or by shielding the front, a durable canopy with the perfect fit for your
stroller will go a long way.
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